Saturday, May 18, 2013


My name is Leenie and I am a makeupholic! :S 

Anyways, lately I've really just been loving lipsticks! They're just so great! Props to who ever invented lipsticks because I swear there are millions of shades and brands and tubes out there in the world of LIPSTICKS! Does anyone feel like a new obsession coming on? I DO! 

So. I love Korean cosmetics and everything that has to do with cute packaging so I ordered two of the Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink lipsticks. Wow, that was a hand full to read/say in my head! :P

I got it in TWO colors: Coral POP (because I'm OBSESSED with anything coral) and Pink Wink 

Let's just take a moment and admire how adorable this packaging is! LIKE WOW! SO CUTE! ^^

Candid Shots (It's what I do best!) 

Coral POP without Flash

Coral POP with Flash

Pink Wink without Flash

Pink Wink with Flash


Aside from the adorably jaw dropping packaging, the formulation is pretty great for these lipsticks. I would consider them more of a balm type lipstick like Revlon Lip Butters but the Tony Moly ones are less greasy feeling. They have light color pigmentation so it's not really BAM! in your face coral or BARBIE pink. I feel like the colors are really subtle and looks natural. They enhance your lip colors a little big and leaves them feeling moisturized. I think that all Asian cosmetics are very subtle has this Dolly look to them. This is not for you if you enjoy the super dramatic clubbing makeup but this is DEFINITELY for you if you're more into the sweet summer dress out and about look! :) 


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